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Cancer Rehabilitation

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Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer is a disease that can have a severe toll on a patient’s overall well-being. More than the disease itself, the process of treatment can be quite stressful both physically and emotionally.

Experts Physio Rehab Care has pre, during, and post-cancer rehabilitation plans to help you through the entire process. The most important part of cancer treatment is to maintain one’s strength, endurance and mobility which is possible only with physical and mental stamina. With the right support from your loved ones and from Experts Physio Rehab Care, there is every chance that you will get back to normal very soon after cancer treatment.

Like any other rehab therapy, Experts Physio Rehab Care’s cancer rehab therapy is a combination of medical, therapeutic, and psychological support. Our experts understand what a person’s body goes through during the course of the treatment but we also have the therapies to help you cope and come out even more stronger than ever.

We chart out the best personalised treatment plans to suit your unique condition because every cancer survivor’s needs are different. Apart from helping with the physical strain of the treatment, we also provide psychological evaluations, nutritional plans, muscular or pulmonary treatment, exercise plans, occupational therapies, speech/swallowing therapies etc.

Cancer treatment requires progressive and ongoing physical rehabilitation for a few months but a person in good health before the treatment will most likely get back to normal after rehabilitation support. So, reach out to us as soon as possible and you will regain your capability and confidence in no time.

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