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Pre-Post Operative Rehabilitation

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Pre-Post Operative Rehabilitation

A surgical experience often leaves a person deficient in some way or the other, even for a few days. However, with pre-and-post operative rehabilitation, the ability and the chances of recovery will improve tremendously. It involves retraining of the muscles, joints and skeletal system to adapt to a new way of functioning. The sooner this retraining starts (even before the surgery), the higher is the ease of recovery.

As much as it is important to build strength into the body after the surgery, it is just as important to prevent re-injury or complicate the surgery. There is often a period of immobilization following a surgery that can affect the strength and motion of the entire body. While some surgeries require long-term immobilization, most of them are followed by physiotherapy after a few days. It is often taken up in phases – from lighter to stronger – as the body heals and the pain and swelling subsides. The ultimate goal of post-operative therapy is to restore the body to its pre-injury level in terms of stability, motion, and strength.

Similar to other rehab programs, our Pre-and-Post Operative rehab program is a combination of medical, therapeutic, nursing, and psychological support. As you experience the various changes to your body and psych before, during, and after the surgery, your body may react and function differently and often difficultly. Our expert team of physicians, therapists and nurses are equipped to predict these changes and prepare you for them beforehand so that we can formulate further treatment plans.

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Our Pre-Post Operative Rehabilitation Covers

  • Pain Reduction Treatments
  • Exercises to Improve Flexibility and Strength
  • Fitness Exercises
  • Posture, Balance, and Coordination Techniques
  • Gait Analysis and Training
  • Self-care Therapy
  • Psychological Guidance
  • Home Care Training

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